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Hey There

We upgraded our booking system in July 2021 to serve you better. A few exciting features of our new system is:

- Rewards program for our members: earn points for attending classes, bringing a friend, writing reviews, get points on your birthday and many more.

- Family sharing packages available 

- Linked account with family so only one person need to book for the rest.


Find below for steps to get started on our new system.

WellnessLiving Booking System
instructions for existing members moving from the old system- WIX

Step 1:  Press here to Log in 

Step 2:  - If you used Google or Facebook to log in under the old system WIX, please do the same.

              - If you use email, press " Forgot password" and key in the exact email you used with WIX.

              You have to use the same email with the old system for you to see your existing packages.

Step 3: - Check email, reset password and log in with your new password.

Step 4: - Download the Achieve app on App Store or Google Play for easy access

              App Store

              Google Play

Step 5: - Log in to your account from the App or in the desktop site and start using this amazing platform.


1. How do I find link to my Zoom class?

Zoom class link can be accessed from the app or from the desktop site here under My schedule/ Upcoming/ select the class you booked/ press "Join"

There is a reminder email sent to you 1 hour before your class, which contains the link to your class. 

2. What if I am late for my Zoom class?

If you use the app, you won't see the class in "My schedule" "Upcoming" tab. Please join the class from the link in your email.

3. What if I got dropped out during the Zoom class?

Use the same method to rejoin the class in the answer to Question 2.

4. Can I call someone if I face a technical issue?

Our system is sophisticated and automated, technical issues of joining rarely happen. If it does, it might be due to your connection and that is beyond what we can do. Please join the class 10 minutes early to have enough time to work through your solutions. Please do not call the teacher when the class has already started.

5. The system keeps prompting an error message when I log in.

The system uses cache. Please clear your phone/ computer cache and try logging in again.

6. I haven't used Zoom before, what should I do?

Please read here for more info and instructions.

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