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Membership and Passes Policy


Updated 16 July 2021




The pricing and classes listed on our website are available to anyone from 14 years old and up. Please check with the studio for the pricing and programs for kids below 14 years old.


Unless otherwise stated in the condition of sale, your regular class-pack plan will be activated immediately upon purchase. You may request for your class-pack plan to be activated on the day of your first class provided that the activation day is not more than 1 month away from the date of your purchase.


For plans bought before 16 Jul 2021:

Suspension of your plan is available for travel or medical reasons that continue for 7 days or more once supporting documents are provided.

​Maximum period of suspension/ extension as follows:

- 5 class-pack:  1 week

- 10 and 20, 50 class-pack: 2 weeks

- Introductory packs and sales pack: strictly no extension

For plans bought after 16 Jul 2021:

Class- pack plans will expire as indicated on the website; extensions may be permitted at Yoga Peace Australia management’s discretion but any unused classes remaining after the expiry date will be void. We will need to see supporting documents like letter from your doctor, or travel proof to grant extension. Any request for extension must be submitted to us before the expiry of the plan. 

Memberships: After 8 weeks into the membership, whenever you need to freeze your membership, you can do so by paying $5/week holding and admin fee. We will prorate your membership amount based on the numbers of active days in your current payment cycle. The prorated amount will be billed to you at the end of your holding period. Please note that there is no holding option available during the initial 8 weeks unless you can provide a doctor letter stating that you are unfit for physical exercise.

Maximum holding period: you can pause your membership for a minimum of 1 week and maximum of 6 weeks per 6 contract months. 


All sales are final. Strictly no refunds.


Unless otherwise specified, all plans are for an individual customer only; not to be transferred or shared.



- Our booking schedule opens 7 days in advance.

- If you pre-book a class and fail to attend a booked class you will forfeit the class.

- Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours (for in-studio class) and up to 30 minutes (for Zoom classes) prior to the start of your class to avoid a late cancel/absent fee. During pandemic lockdowns, free cancellation period for all classes (including Zoom class) will be up to 12 hours before the start of the class.

- We need minimum 3 bookings to run a class. We reserve the right to cancel the class 4 hours before the class start time if we don’t have 3 bookings.

- Grace period of 10 minutes is given after booking the class should you change your mind or make a booking by mistake.



Cancellations must be made online using the website or via the Yoga Peace Australia / Wellness Living app- “Achieve” app. Yoga Peace Australia is not always able to accept telephone and email cancellations.

​Free Cancellation Period: you are free to cancel your class within the specified timeframe below.

  • In-studio class: 12 hours before the class start time.

  • Livestreamed Zoom class: 30 minutes before the class start time. Please note that during pandemic lockdowns when only Zoom classes are being offered, free cancellation for Zoom classes will be adjusted to 12 hours before the class start time.

  • Private 1-1 or private group classes: 4 hours before the class start time.

  • Grace period of 10-min is given should you make a booking by mistake or change your mind.   


Late Cancellation: Any cancellation occurs outside the free cancellation period and up to 2 hours before the class start time will be deemed as late cancellation. You will still be able to cancel your class online, but your class credit will be forfeited.

No Show and Last- minute cancellation:

Last-minute cancellation refers to any cancellation that occurs within 2 hours before the class start time. No-show refers to not showing up for class or being more than 5 minutes late when we close the studio door. No show and last-minute cancellation are classified as "no show" and will result in losing the credit of your class. For in-studio classes, 2 or more times of "no-show" in the same fortnight will incur a penalty of $15. We seek your understanding in this as we have a very intimate space with limited number of mats.


- The studio is opened 15 minutes before the class start and will be closed 15 minutes after the class ends.

- Limited spaces are provided for you to store your belongings in whilst the class is in session, and you agree that you leave your valuables at your own risk.

- Please be sure that you are wearing suitable attire for your classes and that no shoes or glass waters bottles are taken into the studio itself.

- Any belongings left behind will be kept in 'lost property' by the studios for a maximum of 2 weeks after which time they will be given to charity.

- Mobile phones are not allowed on the mat so please ensure you keep your phone in silent in the changing room.



- It is your responsibility to use our equipment and facilities with respect and care. If you are unsure of how to use anything, please let a staff member know. You agree that you will be liable for the costs of repairs and the replacement of equipment damaged by yourself to any of our equipment.

- Phone chargers are provided in the studio. You agree that if damage caused to your phone by our chargers, you will not hold us liable.

- It is our right to remove or replace any equipment.

- We reserve the right to change, cancel or delete classes from our schedule at our discretion without notice.

- You need to bring your own full-length towel to place over the studio's bolsters/ cushions if you use them. This is compulsory to sure hygiene of the props. We provide towel rental at $2 for your convenience. 



- We observe NSW Government Public Holidays. In the event that we remain opens, you will be notified.

- Membership fees will not be reduced if we close during Government Public Holidays.

- We reserve the right to close the studio for periods of refurbishment. If we decide to close the studio for more than 7 consecutive days, your membership will be paused and prorated. If you hold a class-pack plan, you may request for extension. 

Class cancellation
Package policy
Yoga in the City

Frequently asked questions

Updated 24 Jul 2021


We use Whatsapp Broadcast as a primary form of instant updates our to members. In order to receive the broadcast message, it is necessary for you save our studio number +61411471097 in your phone. Without saving our number, you will not get the message.

We do send email to inform you changes in class schedule, teacher etc. To get the email delivered to your inbox and not spam/junk box, please save our emails and

If you don't use a smart phone and have no social media account, you can check updates from our website and emails that we send. However this won't be as instant as Whatsapp especially pertaining to last minute class schedule changes


Q: What are the current class options?

A: You can practice in-studio or online.

Studio classes are at U6 38 Napier St, Napier Gardens, Parramatta NSW 2150.

Online classes will be live-streamed via Zoom.

Q. What is your pricing and what plan do you offer?

A: We offer prepaid class packs and weekly memberships (auto pay fortnightly). Please click here for more information on our current plans and pricing.

Q. How do I pay for classes?

A: You can pay online using your credit card (with 2% surcharge) or you can pay with direct debit using an Australian bank accounts for no extra charge. Please contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer/ direct debit.

Q. How do I become a YPA member?

A. Signing up to be a YPA member can be done via our website by clicking on "Log In/ Sign Up" button in the top right corner of our home page.


Q. Must I book a class before attending?

A: Yes, booking is essential. We need at least 3 bookings to run a class. Please book your class in advance. For online classes, you need to access your Zoom class via our booking app (mobile or desktop) so if you don't book a class you cannot access your class.

Q. How do I book a class?

Booking can be done by signing in to our website or via our booking app "Achieve" by WellnessLiving.

Q. How far in advance can I book my class?​

A: You can book your class 7 days in advance. And upto 5 minutes before the class starts.

Members with weekly memberships have priority on bookings and waitlist.

Q. When is the latest I can book a class?

A: Online and in-App booking will be closed 5 mins prior to the class start time. Please do book your classes early to keep the class on the schedule. We reserve the right to cancel the class if we don't have 3 bookings 4 hours before the class starts.


Please do not leave the Zoom booking to last minute, if you book very close to the class and you have an issue with the link access, we won't have enough time to help you.


Q. How do I join a waitlist?

You can join waitlist if the class is fully booked. 

Q. How does waitlist work?

If we have a spot availale any time up to 13 hours before the class start time, the 1st person on the wailist will be automatically promoted to attend the class. A notification email will be sent to this person. If you are being promoted, you need to cancel your class within the free cancellation window if you can't attend. By joining waitlist, you agree that you will monitor your booking status by yourself to avoid late cancellation. 


 Please click here for more information on class cancellations.


Q. What if I am late for the in-studio class?

A. You will miss your in-studio class if you are more than 5 minutes late as the door will be locked. There will be no refund for the class if this happens. So please be on time. If you come in when the class has already started, please be mindful that other practitioners would be in meditation during that time. Please move quietly and roll out your mat softly, be mindful not to interrupt others' practice. 


Q. Where do I get the Zoom link to my live-streamed class?

A: You can access your Zoom class in the "Achieve" app or via your account on our website. At the class you book, press "Join". 

A reminder email is sent to you 1 hour before your class which also contains a unique link to your class. 

Q. What do I need to prepare for my live-streamed Zoom class?

A. Please click this link to get more information on Zoom classes.

Q. What if I am late for my Zoom class?

A. You can still attend your class if you are late for your Zoom class. Access the link via the reminder email or via the app in "My Schedule" "Past Services" tab.


Q. What do I need to prepare for my in-studio class?

A. You need to bring your yoga mat or a full-length towel if you don't have a mat, and a water bottle. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. You need a full-length towel to place over the studio's bolsters/ cushions if you use them. We provide towel rental at $2 for your convenience. 

More information on COVID-19 safety procedure can be found here

Q. Where can I see my existing and past plans?

A: You can view your existing and past plans in your account via the "Achieve" app under "Purchases" or via your account on our website under My Profile/ Passes and Memberships. 

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