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Kids Yoga, Family Yoga
Parramatta, Sydney

We offer kids yoga group classes and family yoga classes. Children from 5-11 years old can join kids yoga class. Kids yoga and family yoga classes are fun, interactive and with lots of games to keep the children engaged. It is a good bonding activity for parents and children to spend quality time together picking up a skill to help improve their overal health and wellbeing. 


Kids Yoga Class

We have Kids yoga class for the age group of 6-12 years old. The classes are conducted in the studio. Children will learn yoga poses to help build strength and flexibility in their body. We also teach them breathing exercise and relaxation techniques to help children regulate their emotions, improve their focus and concentration and improve their overall physical and mental health.


Family Yoga Classes

Our family yoga classes are conducted in the park or over Zoom. Parents and children will learn yoga poses through interactive games, individual and partner poses. Other than breathing and relaxation techniques, we also teach self massage techniques to help release tension and tightness.


Benefits of Yoga in Children

- Build physical strength and flexibility.

- Improve their postures.

- Help to regulate their emotions. 

- Foster gratitude for self and others.

- Help to improve their concentration, memory and focus.

- Cultivate resilience and patience while holding postures. 

- An outlet for children to express themself and release stress.

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