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Certified yoga teacher

Coming from a dance and aerial arts background, Jacqueline has suffered from just too many injuries. From shoulder to knee, she has dislocated almost everything you can name and she first got into yoga as a means of restoration, to keep her moving in moderation without further worsening her injuries.

As she dived deeper into her practice, she discovered that yoga is much more than just a physical practice. It not only strengthened her physical mind but also her mentality. This was beneficial to so many aspects in her life and coupled with the support of many inspiring teachers, she began her journey in teaching. Having experienced so many injuries, Jacqueline has an alignment based style of teaching where she challenges her students only within their ability. Her classes are based on a balance of strength and flexibility with mind body connection in mind. 


200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Sydney-Australia)



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Founder of Yoga Peace Australia
Certified yoga teacher
Registered children yoga teacher

Mum of 3 daughters

Like many practitioners, Annie started yoga for the physical benefits of it as she was desperate for a form of low impact exercise after birth. Annie gradually realised that yoga was much more than just physical exercise, but in essence it was a holistic approach to total well-being of the body, mind and soul.


Being a very helpful and generous person by nature, Annie loves to share her knowledge and went on to become a yoga teacher. The feeling of being in the front row watching her students transforming with her was immensely fulfilling, meaningful and very rewarding.

Annie continues to focus on her teaching and upgrading her knowledge as a teacher and as a student of yoga. Annie's classes are intentional and purposeful, as she plans every class she teaches. Fundamental alignment, strength-building and breath works are often the main focus in Annie's classes, along with a subtle weave of yogic philosophy, mindfulness and body awareness practice.


Annie believes everyone has a unique ability and anyone can do yoga. Hence her classes are paced to make the practice accessible for those who come to her classes. She is very passionate about empowering her students to discover their inner strength, to find acceptance and calmness in being still, to embrace their limitations and to realize that yoga is not about touching our toes, but what we learn on the way down.


200-Hr Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Singapore)

300-Hr Level 2 Purna Yoga Teacher Training (Byron Bay-Australia)

50-Hr Advanced Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Sydney- Australia)

50-Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark 

Registered Yoga & Children Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia


Certified yoga teacher

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Laura enjoys yoga as she believes it is the best way to stretch and strengthen the body, both physically and mentally. She discovered yoga by chance at her local gym when her regular pilates class was replaced with a Vinyasa Flow. She attended once a week at her local gym on her work lunch break. She noticed that she was not only getting a great workout but she left feeling so peaceful. Since then, Yoga has now turned into a daily routine that strengthens the body, calms my mind and uplifts the soul.


Additionally, Laura is enthusiastic about health, having completed a certificate in Nutrition and Healthy Living from Cornell University. She believes the body is a temple and that nourishing and caring for it is a holistic approach. Yoga is far more than the physical asana practise of postures, rather a lifestyle. Consequently, she seeks to leave people with a greater sense of playfulness and joy when they take her class, so much so, that the yoga continues the moment you step off the mat! 



200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Sydney, Australia)

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