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Virtual Yoga Classes
Parramatta, Sydney

We livestream all of our in-studio classes so you can access it easily wherever you are. 

Read the guide here to prepare for your virtual classes via Zoom.

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How our virtual yoga classes work

- Book your class via our website or via the booking app "Achieve"

- You will receive an email with a "Join Virtual Class" button to join your Zoom class

- There are 3 ways to join the Zoom class:

1) Via the confirmation email

2) Via the "Achieve" app 

3) Via our website under "Log In/ Sign up" button.

Under "My schedule" section, under your class, press the "Join" button to access the class. 

- The Zoom meeting will be open 10 minutes before the class start time. Come early to have a chat with the teacher if you like.

- If you are late, please access the class using the link from the email. Please do not call the teacher on her phone when the class has started. 

What you need to know about our virtual yoga classes


  • Download Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer. 

  • Prepare your mat, props (if you use them). Alternative for yoga blocks can be hard cover books, use hand towel or a strong scarf for yoga strap, a cushion for meditation, blanket etc.

  • Bluetooth earphone is recommended.

  • Communicate with the teacher on your existing injury (if any). You can use private message function in the Zoom meeting.

  • It is recommended that you practice yoga with an empty stomach. Have your food at least 2-hours before the class.

  • Please come online 5 mins before the class start time to settle and to have enough time to fix any technical glitch that might happen.

  • Make sure your phone/device is sufficiently charged.

  • Your microphone will be muted before the class starts.

  • Put the teacher on full screen (Active Speaker view) if you want to see the teacher's demonstration clearer.

  • Turn on your camera to connect with the class and share your energy with your community. Put mat in full frame if you want verbal adjustments on your postures.

  • If music is not played in the class, you can play music directly from your device.


  • Please refrain from asking question. We will answer them after the class.

  • If you can't hear the teacher, signal her using body language as you are muted.

  • If no one else in the class has any technical glitches (screen freeze, audio issues etc), then the issue is most likely due to the connection at your end. 


  • After the class, if you have any question, you can unmute yourself and ask the teacher.



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