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Vinyasa Yoga Classes
Parramatta, Sydney

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Vinyasa is a dynamic practice focused on synchronizing breath and movement. Emphasizing the connection between mind and body through breath, this practice is usually conducted at a fast pace—one breath per movement. While we hold main postures for a few breaths to experience their depth, most of the practice flows continuously with minimal rest. Practitioners are encouraged to listen to their bodies and rest if needed, rejoining the flow when ready.

Who Can Join:

  • Not suitable for complete beginners, as poses are not taught in detail.

  • Practitioners with some yoga experiences are welcome.


Class Structure:

  • Duration: 60 minutes per session.

  • Opening: 5-minute breath and body awareness meditation, followed by a short breathing exercise (pranayama).

  • Warm-up: Quick joints mobilization warm-up of 5-10 minutes.

  • Main Practice: 30-40 minutes of standing, sitting, prone, and supine postures introduced in a rapid and continuous pace.

  • Themes: Classes often focus on a particular pose (peak pose), body part (hips, inner thighs, spine, shoulders, etc.), energy, chakra, or yogic philosophy.

  • Cool Down: Time for relaxation (savasana) is always included.



  • In-person: At our yoga studio in North Parramatta, Western Sydney.

  • Virtual: Via Zoom. Our virtual classes have received excellent feedback for their audio and video quality, with many practitioners feeling like they are practicing in the studio.


Props: We may use yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, cushions, blankets, chairs, and walls in this class.

Join us for a Vinyasa class to experience the dynamic flow and deepen your connection between mind, body, and breath.


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