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Vinyasa Yoga Classes
Parramatta, Sydney

Vinyasa is a dynamic practice focused on synchronising the breath and the movements. Focusing the mind and connecting it with the body through the breath are the emphases of this practice. 

Usually the practice is conducted in a fast pace- one breath one movement. We do hold the main postures for a few breath so the practitioners can experience the depth of the postures but most of the practice will be in a continuous flow with very few rest. Of course, we encourage our practitioners to listen to their body and take rest if they need to and they can catch up after when they are ready.


Not suitable for complete beginners because we don't teach the poses in details in the class. Practioners with some yoga experience are welcome. 

Vinyasa yoga classes are conducted for 60 minutes per session. We structure all our classes in a hoslistic approach with 5-min opening breath and body awareness meditation and a short breathing exercise (pranayama) followed by a quick joints mobilization warm up of 5-10 minutes. The main practice will follow for about 30-40 minutes with standing, sitting, prone and supines postures being introduced in a rapid and continuous pace.  We often conduct a theme-based practice for this class and every class is different. The themes can be a focus on a particular pose (peak pose), or a focus on certain part of the body for example: hips, inner thighs, spine, shoulders etc; or it could be a theme around energy, chakra, a yogic philosophy etc. We always allow time for cool down and relaxation (savasana).

We deliver all our classes in-person in our yoga studio located in Parramatta, Western Sydney and at the same time via Zoom. Virtual yoga classes are the new normal given the situation around COVID-19. We have very good feedback on our audio and video quality for our virtual yoga classes. Many practitioners say they feel like they are practicing in the studio. 

We may use props for this class like yoga blocks, straps, bosters, cushions, blankets, chairs and wall.



Vinyasa 2
Intermediate Vinyasa Class

Parramatta Sydney

Vinyasa 2 is one of the most challenging classes in our whole timetable. There is little break and rest in this class. We flow the entire time. There are little instructions to get into the poses, instead only the names of the poses are given.


Suitable for yogis who has a substantial practice.This practice includes full inversions, full split, deep backbend and arms balancing poses.

Props are used in this class to deepen the pose rather than to modify. Sometimes, we use yoga wheels for this class.

In a Vinyasa 2 class, although there is often a peak pose to work towards too, the transitions into the poses are also the emphasis of the practice. This is in accordance with yogic teaching of non-attachment to the final goal and be in the present moment.

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