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Hatha Yoga Classes
Parramatta, Sydney

Hatha is an asana (posture) practice focused on connecting the body and mind by working on safe alignments for stability, exploring body sensations, and breath quality while holding postures. Postures are introduced one by one, with the purpose of safely working on posture techniques through a slow and steady practice.

Suitable for Beginners: This class is perfect for beginners without any yoga experience. You may expect preparation poses for inversions. 

Class Structure:

  • Duration: 60 minutes per session.

  • Opening: 5-minute breath and body awareness meditation, followed by a short breathing exercise (pranayama).

  • Warm-up: Quick joints mobilization warm-up of 5-10 minutes.

  • Main Practice: 30-40 minutes of standing, sitting, prone, and supine postures introduced at a slow pace.

  • Cool Down: Time for relaxation (savasana) is always included.


While Hatha practice is beginner-friendly, higher-level practitioners sometimes join the class. We offer options for challenging poses but do not focus on teaching these in our Hatha classes.


  • In-person: At our yoga studio in North Parramatta, Western Sydney.

  • Virtual: Via Zoom. Our virtual classes have received excellent feedback for their audio and video quality, with many practitioners feeling like they are practicing in the studio.


Props: We may use yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, cushions, blankets, chairs, and walls in this class.

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Hatha Flow Yoga Training Sessions

In a Hatha Flow class, postures are linked in a sequence,

with some postures used as transitions and others as main postures.

Suitable for Beginners: This class is ideal for beginners with little yoga experience.

Open Level Class: Hatha Flow is open to all levels. We offer options for more challenging postures, like arm balances and inversions. Depending on the class's ability, we may teach simple inversions and arm-balancing poses using props like walls, blocks, and chairs.

Join us to experience the perfect blend of Hatha's detailed instruction and the fluidity of a flow practice.

Best Intermediate Yoga Class
in Parramatta, Sydney

Our Intermediate Practice is designed for intermediate yogis looking to advance their practice by exploring challenging poses like full splits, arm balances, deep backbends, and inversions.

Who Can Join:

  • Suitable for intermediate practitioners.

  • Beginner practitioners who have been practicing yoga regularly 2-3 times a week for a few months may also join. Our experienced teachers provide options to modify your practice.

  • Not suitable for absolute beginners.


Class Structure:

  • Vinyasa Style: We aim to build cardio stamina and endurance with a one-breath-one-movement Vinyasa flow.

  • Hatha Style: Allows time for yogis to explore and feel the poses, with teachers providing verbal cues or hands-on adjustments to deepen the practice.

  • Full Inversions: Introduced in this class, with techniques to modify and build up toward full inversions for those still progressing.


Why Join Us: We take pride in offering one of the best Intermediate yoga classes in Western Sydney. Our practitioners have significantly benefited from our training, moving from a beginner to an intermediate level in a short period due to the care and attention they receive in our small group training sessions.

Join us to take your practice further and explore new challenges in a supportive and attentive environment.

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