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I had done some yoga classes before and to be honest I never felt like it was really "my cup of tea" until I met Annie. After the first class, I definitely wanted to return and continue practising. I can still remember that feeling of positive and healing energy, my mind was calm and confident. I highly recommend Annie's yoga classes to everyone who wants to start their yoga journey. She is number 1 for me Annie is very passionate and dedicated about what she is doing.

Sally Talal, Sydney


I'm so happy I had Ms. Annie as my first yoga teacher as she is so knowledgable. She has such a nice calming and healing power in her presence and with her energy, you feel like you are capable of everything. She has a beautiful disposition and a sweet smile. I learned how I always need to breath and smile and I can do anything. Although my time with Ms. Annie was short as she moved to Australia after teaching me for a few months, I knew that I learned a lot in this short period of time. What I learned from Ms. Annie was everything I hoped for in a yoga class. She is so welcoming, caring and inspiring. She opened my eyes and my heart to learn the real meaning of yoga practice and I was really happy with my choice. I hope everyone who is searching for a yoga teacher to embark their yoga journey find a teacher like Ms. Annie to learn from.

Kim Nguyen, Singapore


Annie's classes served to replenish my physical energy and my emotional sense of positivity in life. Her eloquent way of teaching greatly allowed me to breakthrough certain asanas and movements effectively.. Annie gave me higher levels of aspiration while I struggled with obstacles through my own journey. I look forward to attending her class and feeling calm again!

Careen Lau, Singapore

Annie is welcoming and inspiring. Her classes have a wonderful energy which benefits both the body and mind. It keeps me coming back week after week. Thank you Annie!

Suzanne Do, Sydney

Annie is a highly skilled yoga teacher. Every session with her makes me feel stronger. You can always count on learning something new! Highly recommend.

Lailuma Nawabi, Sydney

Annie is a highly skilled yoga instructor and is very engaging. She is very passionate and easily connects with you whether she is face to face with you or virtually through a live stream. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Laila Abdirahman, Sydney

She is an enthusiastic trainer. Annie is very friendly, gentle and nice person. All the classes are easy to follow and relevant to various demands of learners. I highly recommend her.

Diep Nguyen, Perth

I have attended Annie's yoga class in Singapore and love and enjoy every yoga session with her. Attending her yoga class will never be bored as she will introduce different yoga poses which targeted at different body parts. After her class, I feel relaxed and happy! Good job Annie and keep up the good work!

Valen Lim, Singapore

Annie is a great yoga teacher. I'm always in a rush but in her class Annie makes sure that I enjoy her class and leave the session relaxed and calm to face the world outside. She's passionate, encouraging and a great motivator. I'm always refreshed physically and mentally in her class... I miss Annie

Jay, Singapore

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I've been attending virtual yoga classes with Annie since May, she's absolutely stunning. She has different section outlined from beginner yoga programs to advanced level. Every session is not the same. You don't have to worry about flexibility. Best of all, because the teachings are so wide-ranging, you can open yourself up to new experiences.

Thuy Nguyen, Amsterdam

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