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Yoga is a wellness practice. It has a great impact on your total well-being. Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide many great benefits for your physical and mental health.

Benefits of Yoga

- Yoga postures help to increase your stability, flexibility and total body strength. They lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

- Regular practice helps boost your energy, making you feel energized and refreshed.

- Breathing techniques used in yoga help you breath better, improving your respiration. Twisting postures improve your digestion.

- Practicing yoga regularly helps with weight loss. Our teacher Annie lost all her 3 pregnancies weight and post-birth tummy with just doing yoga. She continues to maintain a healthy weight since.

- Depending on the class you take, yoga can help build stamina, endurance and athletic performance.

- Yoga practice boosts your self confidence. Learning yoga postures creates a sense of pride, helping you feel good about your body and yourself. You become happier.

- Yoga helps increase body awareness, fosters a habit of mindful movements, helping you to prevent sport injuries as you move your body mindfully.

- Yoga calms the body and mind, helping you release stress and tension. You become calmer.

- The practice improves your concentration and focus.

- As you breath better, your body feels well, you sleep better.


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