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Stretch Yoga 
Parramatta, Sydney

A healing and grounding practice focused on opening the body, releasing tightness and tension while relaxing the mind. 

Suitable for absolute beginners without any experience in yoga. 

If you have a sedentary lifestyle where you spend much time seated, or if you participate in other sports which build strength and stamina (weight- lifting, running, dancing, football etc) you are encouraged to attend this class once a week.


Stretch Yoga Classes
Parramatta, Sydney

This class is a grounding class. We spend most time in seated and lying down positions to provide better stability so we can focus on the stretch.

The class is conducted in a slow-paced Hatha style. However, depending on the class ability, the teacher may instruct a Sun Saluation to warm up the body to help facilitate the stretches.


We run this class in 45-min and 60-min session. The teacher will guide the class through a sequence of around 20-25 poses with a holding time of 5-8 breaths per pose. Instructions to focus on the muscles being stretched and body sensation and breath awareness will be given to participants to help enhance their experience. 

Stretch Yoga Postures

Most of the postures are grounding in seated, prone and supine positions. Standing postures are included but limited. 

Although this class is suitable for beginners, options for advanced postures will be given to participants who are able to manage a more challenging version of the pose. 

We don't run this class in peak-pose themed style, rather, the class is a well rounded practice aiming to stretch the whole body. We ensure that all the major muscles for example hips flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quads, carves, obliques, back muscles, shoulders etc receive a good stretch and the sequence always includes postures that move the spine in all the directions: forward fold, backward bending, side bending, upward extension and twistings.

Breathing  techiniques are guided while the participants are holding the postures to help focus and relax the mind. The participants wills step out of the class feeling refreshed, energized, very grounded and calm.

Yoga Practice
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