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Energize your body and mind with 108 rounds of sun salutation practice in the beautiful nature of Parramatta Park.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a sequence of 12 basic yoga postures linked together in a smooth flow. After completing 108 rounds of Sun Saluation, you will feel renewed, energized yet very relaxed. The practice helps to lengthen and strengthen your whole body especially the spine. With a regular daily practice (you don't have to do 108 rounds- you can just do 10-12 rounds as a daily practice), it helps improve the body's flexibility and strength. It would also support weight-loss.


Most importantly, it helps to connect your mind, your body and breath, leaving you feeling focus, centered and grounded. Many people incorporating Sun Salutation as their daily practice commented that it helps them to clear the mind and better cope with stress.

This is an open level practice that is suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners. Open to anyone from age 10 and above.

Investment: $30 (Early bird till 20 Feb 2023) and $35 thereafter. 

Free for Yoga Peace Australia members who are on unlimited $60/week membership. 

Members who are on 2 weekly $35/week or 3 weekly $45/week memberships can use your existing membership to book for this event but you will be charged with an additional $10 (for early bird period which is valid till 20 Feb) or $15 for registration after. The studio will do a manual charge on your student account once you booked in for the event. 

Members who bring a non-YPA member friend will get a free studio session worth $25 for each friend that registers for the event.

There is no free cancellation for this event.

108 Sun Salutation Practice
Date: Saturday 25th February 2023
Time: 730am -930am 
Arrival time: 715am
Location: Parramatta P
ark (Exact spot to be advised)
Price: $30 (early bird till 20th Feb) or $35 full price
Check descriptions here for special rate for YPA studio members


How to register

1. Click on this link to register. You would need to sign up a student account with us to register. 


2. Click on this link to pay. Please send us a message to 0411471097 with your name and the screenshot of your payment.

(Please note that there is surcharge of 2% for payment by card)

SS pricing
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